Design of a scada system

When the dimensions of the process become very large, hundreds or even thousands of kilometers from one end to the other, one can appreciate the benefits that such a system offers in terms of reducing the cost of routine visits to monitor and control that process.

Distributed control systems[ edit ] Functional manufacturing control levels. Our customers, located in NY, NJ, CT, MA and RI include utilities, major hospitals, colleges, institutions, cogeneration facilities, district heating plants, airports, prisons and manufacturers which require high pressure steam or hot water for manufacturing processes, heat or power generation.

The next logical development was the transmission of all plant measurements to a permanently-manned central control room. The restrictions to the host control functions are supervisory level intervention or basic overriding. A part which is failing can be identified and the functionality taken over automatically through backup hardware.

Pipelines for gas, oil, chemicals, or water have elements located at various distances from a central control point that can be controlled by opening or closing valves or starting and stopping compressors or pumps, and must be capable of responding quickly to market conditions and leaks of dangerous or environmentally sensitive materials.

By converting and sending the electrical signals to the equipment, RTU may control the equipment, like closing or opening a valve or a switch, or setting the speed of the pump. In the s, telemetry was established for monitoring, which allowed for automated communications to transmit measurements and other data from remotes sites to monitoring equipment.

Analytics - Choose from dozens of included functions like common arithmetic operations and unit conversions.

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Conclusions The SCADA systems are increasing in complexity, due to the integration of different components produced in many cases by different manufacturers it is necessary to address the security level of each device, but also on the overall environment, integration tests are fundamental during the deployment phase, the design approach must totally change and have to take care of all the possible cyber threats that could arm the systems.

Today cyber attacks have critically evolved into a sophisticated and carefully designed cyber weapon created with specific offensive intents, Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame are good examples. Communication networks will be more interconnected, further exposing the system to possible failures and attacks.

Industrial control system

The ABLE Company is a full service power plant equipment, instrumentation and control system specialist that has been providing dependable steam and hot water generation equipment and control system solutions to the industrial, institutional and utility sectors since Since these could number in the hundreds or even thousands, the process for updating such facilities for the yearly model change-over was very time consuming and expensive, as electricians needed to individually rewire the relays to change their operational characteristics.

They need to respond quickly to changes in demand and must be monitored continuously. Improper use of this data presents new risks to national security and our economy. However this required a large manpower resource to attend to these dispersed panels, and there was no overall view of the process.

It is modern, powerful and general and contains all functions normally required for successful sequential control, adjustment, data acquisition, communication, supervision, etc. Whilst the controls are centralised in one place, they are still discrete and not integrated into one system.

There is an erroneous belief that SCADA networks are safe enough because they are secured physically. Field signals are flow rate measurement from the sensor, and control output to the valve.

SCADA Systems

Several audits executed by governments on their critical infrastructures have illustrated a dangerous scenario, the lack of security mechanisms for the many systems located all over the world, but it is really alarming the absence of a precise census of the SCADA systems for many of the principal industrialized countries.

The electric system will become significantly more complex as more subsystems are linked together. Using Lintouch Editor you can easily build your own HMIs by designing and testing the graphical layout of your screens. Relays and timers were difficult to reconfigure, fault-find and the control panels took up racks upon racks of space.

Originally developed in Sweden by Mandator and SSAB Oxelosund as a process control system based on standard computers, the system has become a fully-fledged, integrated and low-cost solution that is running on standard PC's with Linux as operating system.

Custom data sources can also be supported. No catches, no gimmicks. Events such as the spread of Stuxnet virus have alerted the international security community on the risks related to a cyber attacks and the relative disastrous consequences, we have learned how much powerful is a cyber weapon and which is real involvement of governments in cyber warfare.

SCADA systems soon were able to be connected to other similar systems. For now we have spoken of the possible vulnerabilities of the control systems without considering the principal reason of concern for critical infrastructures, the cyber warfare.

Often the default passwords are hard-coded into Ethernet cards the systems use to funnel commands into the devices, allowing administrators to remotely log into the machinery.

NET languagesB-Scada. Data can be displayed as a chart or as a table, and can even be exported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of installations all over the world are potentially vulnerable to attack from anywhere on the planet, the offensive option is moved into what it is defined as the fourth dimension, the cyberspace, but that could also lead to the loss of many human lives.

The SCADA concept was developed as a universal means of remote access to a variety of local control modules, which could be from different manufacturers allowing access through standard automation protocols. Runtime - High performance Windows thick client for desktop or touch screen computers, screen scheduling for digital signage, model browser for a rapid view of your entire system.

Control systems like programmable logic controllers PLC or distributed control systems DCS will do a better job for most factory control and monitoring. Networked SCADA systems allowed systems from other vendors to communicate with each other, alleviating the limitations imposed by older SCADA systems, and allowed organizations to connect more devices to the network.

The benefits grow if elements of the process are not only distant, but physically difficult to reach, perhaps requiring a helicopter or other special transportation.

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An Instantly Intuitive Operators Interface VTScada is a complete SCADA software suite. Intuitive maps, trends, reports, operator notes, and alarm management tools are all bundled into one simple install and license agreement.

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is an industrial control system (ICS) used for the control and monitor of industrial processes, it is typically present in all those potential targets of a cyber attack such as a critical infrastructures or a utility facility.


The ABLE Company is a full service power plant equipment, instrumentation and control system specialist that has been providing dependable steam and hot water generation equipment and control system solutions to the industrial, institutional and utility sectors since Profileā„¢ is an enterprise-level Measurement SCADA system that automatically collects and manages all the data generated by a flow computer.

Collecting comprehensive and accurate data is the key part of any measurement system, but most large flow measurement systems are managed by traditional, monolithic Control SCADA systems that focus on the overall movement of product across an entire.

Fast Automation has executed some of the most challenging Automation Projects in the world: Automatic Antarctic Remote Control Telescopes, Automatic Human Injectable Solution Handling, Automatic Gas Filling Systems, Airport Automatic Explosives Detection and Tracking, just to name a few.

SCADA = Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition With A SCADA System, Transit-Time Is Substantially Reduced. Overtime Is Minimized. With An Alarm System Integrated With Smart-Phones, The Detection Of Costly System Faults Is Accelerated.

Design of a scada system
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