Database design p1 m1 d1 essay

Therefore, it is important that your portfolio shows that you have all the skills required for the role. This would be done with a GUI. Code is interpreted not compiled — This is slightly slower than using compiled code, this is because each statement in the script needs to be interpreted before it can be executed.

Perl is free and open source and can be used in web applications where access to a database will be needed. File Upload — Server side languages come with functions to deal with uploading files to the server.

Unit 18 - Assignment 1 - P1, M1, D1

PowerPoint of your choice to layout how each of your pages will look. In this section of my blog, I am going to looking into some of these cases and see why it is appropriate to use both at the same time. This law is to make sure travel agents are treated fairly and have a certain amount of paid holiday per year, making sure they have normal working hours or shift work; all of these things are controlled by people who work in the back office and HR.

It then waits for these files to be sent back to the computer before displaying the webpage to the user. Third Person Perspective Third person perspective refers to the environment and the virtual world being viewed from behind the main character or from an angle where you can see the character that you control as you control them.

Use this template here to plan the timescale for this project. The main procedures of the back office are having stock control on brochures making sure there are never a low number of brochuresmanaging staff wages and their contracts and the holidays which the staff will be away from store.

Due to me being unsure whether or not I could finish off putting things into my final portfolio, I had to communicate with my tutor in order to find out when I was able to attend the class to rectify the issue.

Explain that the database when designed will need to comply with the rules of Relational Integrity as discussed in P1 3.

Some examples of functionality that can be implemented with server side scripts include: Here you can see an example of packaging and how it is used to capture the attention of the customer.

This Software will allow me to create a Gantt chart, which will give me the ability to see what tasks have to be completed, when, and how much time I have left to complete them in. Once the package holiday is booked, the customer will receive an ATOL certificate in case the company fails and allows the customer to get a refund or a flight home with a different company.

Level 3 BTEC Unit 28 - Website Production

Thomas Cook rack their own brochures and selling their own brand products and services. Which one is used would depend on the type of information being transferred by the application. As the weeks continue I plan to progressively complete the final Pass Task, and then continue on to complete the remaining Merit and Distinction Tasks.

Trade associations and licensing ABTA: You will need to show an example of the inconsistent data that could be produced without referential integrity enforced indicating where it is inconsistent and also a screenshot of the corrected data showing why the data is accurate with referential integrity enforced.

The logic behind this strategy could be to ensure that Coke has a consistent price that gets associated with the brand. Interpreted scripts as alternative to compiled code — This means that the web server will have an application called the interpreter.

Know how procedures are followed and information passed on in the laboratory Understand the design of a workplace with respect to its efficiency, effectiveness, safety and security Understand laboratory management information systems and a range of scientific computer applications Be able to demonstrate and understand safe working practices in the laboratory.

The text would change to give them a link to click on. You know that potential employers will want to see a range of your work, such as written documents, images still and movingaudio tracks, programmes and systems that you have created during your course.

(P) Evidences required to achieve this criterion are: (A) Four different types of organization have been identified.(B) The purposes of the organizations have been identified. Demonstrate convergent/lateral/creative thinking in the design and implementation and analysis of the assessment.

M1, M2, M3; D1, D2&D3.) Submission guidelines. Unit 11 Systems Analysis and Design Thursday, 25 June Advantages and Disadvantages of different Models - M1 Stages of the Development Life Cycle - P1 and P2.

For example, database software that will be used for keeping records.

BTEC IT National Diploma Unit 41- P1 M1 D1

May 29,  · [P, M1]. Examine web [P, D1] Design a database system for use in your web application. This program is written as part of the fulfilment for the ‘put your Unitname’ Course - HND in BTEC HND Web Applications Development: EEE/CSD at Icon College, London.


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Learning Objective 1. Understand the features of relational databases. P1. Explain the features of a relational database.

Learn More; P2. design a relational database for a specified user need. M1. justify choices made in the design of the relational database. P3. create and populate a database.

Unit 18 - Database P1, M1 Words | 5 Pages. Access is a database management system design by Microsoft. * assignment 1: Issues in Website design, P1, P2, P3, M1, D1 Issued 8th October 18, due 22nd October 18 submit as “L3Yr1U28A1YourName” * Design, create and review a website P4, P5, M2, M3, D2, D3 Issued 26th November 18, due 7th Jan 19 submit as “L3Yr1U28A2_YourName_” Job options *Witness statement.

Database design p1 m1 d1 essay
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Level 3 BTEC Unit 28 - Website Production [Herefordshire & Ludlow College]